Everyone You Touched

Your time on earth may have been shortened but, for the time you were here the world was touched in a special way.  With your passing the world will never be quite the same again.

Everywhere you traveled and everyone that you met was changed in a way that said Linda has been here.  All who ever knew you were changed by your love and kindness.

I feel especially lucky to have been loved by you.  I cherish the time we had together, more than life itself.  My memories of you and us together will help me through the coming winter of my life without you.




I wanted the whole world to know my love for you, but I could not think of  how to tell them.  If I wrote “I Love You” in the sky some would see it, but the wind would soon blow it away, it could not endure.

If I built for you a pillar, what could I make it out of?  Steel would rust and all metals corrode, they would not last.

If I built a pillar out of stone, it would wear and weather like the Greek statues of old.

How could I build for you a pedestal, that would last through time, not loose is beauty and yet let the whole world see my heart in its construction?

I will build for you a pedestal, made of love.  My love for you will stand the test of time, it will raise you above all others because you are so special. To keep my love together I will cover with a shield made of your compassion because you have always had so much.  The shield will bind my love and temper it so that it will glow forever. Neither the sands of time nor the winds of ages will mar its’ beauty.

When you are gone and beyond my reach, the pedestal will still reach you in heaven, so that you can stand on it and look down on me.

My love for you will endure throughout the ages until you are in my arms again.



Without You


     I know that the world still turns, I know that the seasons still come and go.


The clouds are in the sky,

slowly floating by. 


Wild animals live in the forests,

free from mans unrest. 


People have their daily lives,

with their husbands and their wives. 


The rivers’ flow

and flowers  grow. 


The world is full of wonder

while my life has been ripped asunder.


Without you honey my life has lost all meaning.



Wait for Me

     Honey I am alone now.  I don’t have you here beside me.  I have nothing but memories of you to keep me company.  On cold days I sit by the fireplace and remember better times when you were beside me.  On warm nights I sit on the porch and remember you on the swing.  Sometimes I think of something to tell you then I remember that you are not here.  Once in a while I find a little something you have packed away, I recall how you were going to make a toy for the kids with it.  I wake up at night and I miss the warmth of you beside me.

     Honey I am alone now.  I have more to do before I can join you.  I have to teach the grandkids who you were.  The garden you loved so much needs to be tended to. I have a few more things to do before I can join you, please

Wait for Me.



Thank You


  I have many things to be thankful for Honey, and most of them are because of you.


  Thank you honey for bringing sunshine into my life.  We met at a time when shadows followed me everywhere.  You chased them away.


  Thank you honey for being my best friend.  You were there when my faith in human nature was down. You showed me how friends care.


  Thank you honey for being my lover.  The tenderness we shared was always special between us.  You gave me back my caring.


  Thank you honey for being my wife.  Everyday that I shared with, you to come home to was a special event for me.  You gave me love


  Thank you honey for being the mother of my children.  Each one of our children is unique in their own way.  You made them all special.


  Thank you honey for being my soul mate.  My journey through the last 30 years has been full of love, happiness, compassion and caring.  You reached my soul with love.


  Thank you honey for being all of these things for me and making my life full in a way that couldn’t have happened with out you.


Thank You Honey