The Glow

  It follows me everywhere I go.

Itís with me when I sleep.

My friends see it with me.

I put my clothes on over it, and it comes through.

I shower in the morning but itís still there.


The Glow of Your Love



 Nights With You

     Everyday I canít wait to leave work and get home to you.  The nights we share are some of the happiest times of my life.  Some times we just stay home and talk, but at other times we love to go out to a restaurant for supper.  Later we will usually hit a movie, weekdays are best because there is less of a crowd and we can be alone.

     What I enjoy most of all is when we can go dancing to big band music.  Doing the two-step or a slow waltz while holding you is divine.  You flow like grass blowing in the wind.  I never tire of showing you off on the dance floor; in your long sweeping blue dress you are the prettiest lady there.

     Later when we get back home I like to set a fire in the fireplace, set some mellow mood music on the radio and just cuddle with you.  Watching the reds and yellows of the flames crackling and jumping while holding you is the most romantic thing in the world.  I will never tire if it.

     In the morning when I wake up I look over at your side of the bed, itís empty.  It has been empty since the day you died.  Everyday I canít wait to leave work and get home to you.



Light of My Life

I used to walk in the light.  Together everywhere I went, I could see the beauty of the world around me.  Everywhere I went there was sunshine to guide me.  Light to keep me on my chosen path.  The light let me see right from wrong, good from evil.  The light was always with me, time did not matter it was always there. 

As with all things over time I began to take the light for granted.  I didnít appreciate the special qualities it had.  I just didnít take the time I should have to cherish the wonder and joy it brought me.

The light of my life has gone out now. Everywhere I go it is dark.  No longer can I see the beauty of the world around me. I feel as if I am wandering aimlessly because I cannot see the path I have followed for so long.  In darkness I feel my soul is lost. 

The light I took for granted has left me.  I wish it could come back for just one moment of time.  I would bask in its glory.  I would let the light know how very, very special it was and how much it meant to me.


How do you say goodbye to half of your soul