Honey even though death has taken you from me, you are still in my heart.  There is no time or distance or any other dimension that can damage or hurt our love.

        Death has stolen from me the ability to put my arms around you or to look into your eyes but it cannot take my memories of our love for each other.  I can close my eyes and see your face in front of me and my heartaches. I want to take your face in my hands and run them through your hair.  I want to hear you call me sweetheart one more time.

        The last conversation I had with you, you said you were sorry because you had made me cry.  I told you then the tears were made of love, and I have shed many more since.

        I love you honey.  I live for the day when I am called to follow you and we can be reunited forever.  When that day happens we will never be separated again.


The Memory Box

        Since you left, all I have of you is my memories.  Memories fade with time and I canít let that happen.  I couldnít write all of our memories down because there would be too many pages and too hard to recall.  I have our pictures, but many of my memories we didnít capture on film.  How can I keep the memories fresh in my mind as if it were yesterday not thirty or more years ago?

        I will create for us a memory box.   In this box I will put a little model airplane, this will represent the time when I first met you on a plane many years ago.  I will hold this plane in my hands and relive every memory I have of that first meeting.  What I was wearing, where I sat, who was beside me.  I will recall how you were dressed, and what you said to me.  How I asked for your address.  All of these things I will teach to this little model over and over again.  One day I will be able to take the plane out of my memory box and I will be able to relive that day as if it were yesterday.

        I will put in a postage stamp for all of the mail we wrote to each other. A small piece of silk for the roll I brought home for you one time.  I will put in a toy ring for when I asked you to marry me.  A little car and trailer for our first trip from Florida to Arizona.  A diaper pin to represent our first son and when he came into our lives. A little hair bow for our daughter. A broken watch will stand for Big Ben and the time I spent in England away from you.

        I will fill my memory box with all of the memories I have of you.  Each and everyone of them precious to me, beyond measure of money.  When I get lonely for you I will reach into my memory box. I will pull out a time to remember, a time when our love grew from an ember into a blazing fire.

        All of my memories of us together will be wrapped up in my

Memory Box



Band of Gold

        Honey I wear this ring on my hand as a sign to the rest of the world.  It tells the world that I am married.  What the rest of the world does not know is what the ring means to me.  You placed this ring on my finger over thirty years ago just like I placed its twin on yours.  With the ring came the vows we made to each other.

        I promised to love you and I have, in all the time I have known you I have always loved you, more than life itself.

        I promised to cherish you and I have.  When I won your heart I vowed to hold you above all others.  To this day I still honor that vow.

        I promised to honor you and I have.  Never have I done anything that would discredit you, or our family.

        I promised to treat you as my equal, to walk beside me.  All the years of our marriage you were my best friend.   I could turn to you at any time.

        Honey I wear this ring on my hand not to tell the world that I am married.  I wear this ring to tell the world that I am married to most wonderful person.  The sun would rise over your head every day so that I could see your beauty, and count my blessings. I have had the honor of having you as my best friend, my wife and my soul mate.  This ring says I love you from the depths of my soul and will always love you through out all eternity.

        Even though you are gone now the ring is still on my hand right where you placed it over 11,000 days ago.  The ring will stay there for the rest of my life.  It will remind me of what I once had and who is waiting for me at the end of my lonely road.