Scattered Pieces

        All of the pieces are there in random order, helter skelter.  I start with the border.  This is our families enclosing us with their love.

        I pick up a piece and see that it was when we went to Niagara Falls.  This is a new memory it fits on the bottom row of the puzzle.  The next piece is New York City that was 1968 it goes up at the top.  This piece is us in Tennessee in 1976 still near the top.

        So it goes, each piece and its memory in its proper place.  Finally I get to the last piece, the only missing part.  This piece has all of our family on it except for you.  We are on the seashore at Virginia Beach, it is sunrise.

        I put it in place and the story of our lives together comes to an end.


Goodbye Linda

I Love You



The Lonely Road

        Love of my life since you have been called to a better place, my life has been lonely and hollow.  The pain in my chest is always there to remind me of my loss.  The love we have shared over the years is so great that even death cannot truly keep us apart.

        As I lay in bed at night, I tell you about my day.  Sometimes but not always I feel the slightest shift in the bed.  I can sense you beside me and somehow the ache in my heart is calmed.  If only for a moment, my soul has come back to me.

        Although I must continue along the road without you, I have my memories of us together.  We have a love that even death cannot stop and I, have the joy of knowing that when the last mile of my road has been traveled you will be there to greet me.

        When that moment comes, the love that death could not break, and neither time nor distance weaken, will be rejoined.  Our souls will be as one for eternity.



The Tear

There is a tear on my cheek.  The tear isnít for my wife, the soul mate of my life.

  The tear could stand for all of the times I could have said I love you,

But Didnít

  It could stand for all of the times I could have walked up and hugged you,

But Didnít

It could stand for all of the times I could have said how pretty you were,

But Didnít

  It could stand for all of the times I could have just sat and talked with you,

But Didnít

  The tear of my cheek stands for the fool I was for not loving you more everyday.


10,000 Dreams Ė 10,000 Tears

          At 10,000 feet above the ground did we meet as fate meant for us to be.  10,000 men did you greet, but our karmas were for us to be, we.

          10,000 days did I love you and keep you knowing that you would be mine.  10,000 different were you always and ever on my mind.

          10,000 days would I leave, our home to protect you and ours from harm.  10,000 nights would I always return to the comfort of your arms.

          10,000 nights as I would lie in bed and thank the lord for you I wed.     10,000 dreams of you surround me, as I lie still and quiet in our bed.

          10,00 tears I will shed because you have gone where I cannot be.    10,000 memories of you I will keep and see until the lord from earth sets me free.