In Memory of Chuck Sepcsik

Chuck aka "Pops" was a great friend and partner. What can I say, he was more like family. He would listen to what ever was on your mind and was never judgmental. He never complained and He always had a kind word to say. I loved him like an older Brother that I never had. When ever you were around Chuck he made you feel great. He was the all around nice guy who loved his Grandchildren immensely. He would go see everyone of them on the weekends taking a trip to there houses and alternating trips. He loved his wife, family and friends. When working with him he would always do what you didn't want to, and have a smile to give along the way.

Chuck passed away on Wednesday morning 9/20/2000 while working by himself on a job site right down the street from the fire station and around the corner from Lawnwood hospital in Ft. Pierce, Florida.
A lot of us feel if he wasn't working by himself that he might still be here. But there are a lot of "ifs" when it comes down to something like this. We all feel he was too young to go cause he was only 56 and just a great all around person. But then again who is to decide who is to stay on this earth and who is not. All we know are our own personal feelings. All I can tell you is what I feel and what I know.

Today 9/23/00 I attended his funeral. I felt so out of place for some reason. I hated the thought of Chuck being gone and the fact of such. I guess I am living in denial. I know he is gone but I don't feel he is and my mind doesn't want to except the fact. Death is so hard to deal with I guess. His family and friends where there along with most of the people he and I work with. After we attended the funeral and went to the reception.After that a couple of us: James Sullivan, Mike Stevens, Jimmy Bryant and his wife Lee-Ann, Chris Peterson, and Chucks step son Steve along with me in James' van to the beach to make a toast to Chuck with 2 bottles of Chianti because that is the wine Chuck liked to drink. Tammy, Glenn Harris, and Randy met us there. We drank to the old times and reminisced about the things he liked and shared. All the good times! It was a very comforting feeling. After the wine was gone we walked down the Ft. Pierce Jetty and shared feelings about Chuck. While we were out there it was pretty calm. Then all of a sudden out of no where a big wave came over the rocks and got a couple of us all wet. Steve exclaimed "that's Chuck for you!" as if Chuck had sent the wave! It was uncanny how it came out of no where. Steve said that is Chucks way of saying thanks for the toast and that he knew where there! We all smiled! We walked back to the van and went home.

I kept the bottles and cup and they are in my wall in a glass case in memory of Chuck.
It is unreal how one person can touch so many lives with positivity and smiles. He was a great friend and like family to a lot of us. Chuck will be missed. I pray the Lord will be with him and him with the Lord always!