Colors can affect your mood - listed are some examples of the feelings they may evoke.

Black: This is a powerful, mysterious color and is associated with seriousness. Also associated with sex, death and mystery. Black may make you feel depressed, or on the other hand, may make you feel secure - "hiding in the darkness."

Blue:  A relaxing color.  Blue lowers blood pressure, calms, gives a sense of security, and suppresses appetite.

Brown: This is an organic, earthy color.  It can make you feel cozy.

Green: This is the easiest color for the eyes to focus on for long periods of time.  It soothes pain and is associated with optimism. May make one feel happy, clean, fresh.

Orange:  This color is friendly, relaxing and ambitious.

Pink:  This is a youthful, feminine color.  Pink is also a soft, sensitive color. This is basically a "happy" color.

Purple:  This color is often associated with royalty.  It is also a contemporary color. Purple has a list of associated feelings, from feeling mournful to creative.

Red: This color raises the blood pressure, stimulates appetite and conversation and is often associated with excitement, action, impulse.

White:  White is often associated with purity, cleanliness. Also associated with nothingness, and in some cultures death and/or mourning. Can make one feel clean/sterile.

Yellow: This color is an eye irritant and a highly emotional color.  After long periods of time, yellow invokes feelings of anger and hostility.  However, yellow, in small doses, is a friendly, happy color.