Going Mental

Random thoughts

Thoughts for today (written Sept. 29)......

I just got news of a friend's relative's suicide....I don't even know him, but it just reminds me of my aunt's suicide, and the guilt that goes with it....the "what if's."  What if I had been friendlier, what if I had spent more time with her, what if we had shared our love of art. Who knows.........it has been a weird day.

PLEASE remember this..........if you are feeling suicidal, if you can't deal..........THIS FEELING WILL PASS. Talk to someone...call a suicide hotline...especially if you are bipolar...you will wonder tomorrow how you could have considered suicide...it's a roller-coaster some have to deal with. I will state the obvious, once you do IT, there's no coming back. It's not a dress rehearsal. (It's worth stating again).


Other Random Thoughts (written awhile ago).....

Why do I have some strange attraction to mental illness - sanitariums - and the such? Maybe it was that severe blow to the head.

If I could swing several careers, why would I want to become a designer of prosthetics (and/or assistant of) amputees? Maybe it was the trauma of seeing a man without a nose as a child, and I've come full circle and beyond. The mind is a strange thing.

If a human being is cloned...his clone would be more like his twin...each person is a creation of all they experience: tasting, touching, seeing, hearing and smelling...and no two individuals (even clones) would experience the same sequence of stimuli.

If you are ambidextrous it is more difficult to tell your right from your left (because there is no strong pull one way or the other). Righties are more aware of their right hand, Lefties are more aware of their left. Ambidextrous people...well, you get the idea.

Humans have much more mental control over pain and healing of their own bodies than they realize. I know people who have healed themselves faster, relieved stomach pain by concentrating - focusing - and meditating.

I personally can stop hiccups abruptly by concentrating on pushing the hiccups back down through my body...works 99% of the time, and now after years of doing it, it only takes a few seconds to do - try it sometime.

The sixth sense is based on expanding your mind - being receptive - on a different level - of all the things around you.


Well, you already know that I have a thing for sanitariums. It has been brought to my attention that a sanitarium (Ridge Home) in Colorado is slated for demolition. This sanitarium was opened in 1910 - and has a long, interesting history. You can read all about Ridge Home. If you feel moved by the story, like I did, sign the petition to stop the destruction of Ridge Home. Please visit and read about Ridge Home.

UPDATE: Ridge Home is slated for demolition at this time. Petitions to save Ridge Home have not been enough to change the actions of city of Arvada. There is no longer a petition to sign.


These photographs are of the interior of Ridge Home. These are two of my favorite photos. They evoke such a strong feeling. You could almost "see" the history here. These photos are used with permission and I want to thank Release-Me.net for allowing them to rest here in my part of cyberspace. These two photographs are Copyright Release-Me.net

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Another interesting site to see: http://www.mountainsanatorium.net/default.htm