is a fictional character in a game called Sanitarium, (a personal favorite of mine). As he recovers from amnesia he overcomes childhood sorrow, thwarts murderous conspiracy, fights his way - though slowly - back to reality. For the most part, Max is growing and becoming better. 

Sometimes, I, myself feel like Max in some ways. Sometimes life is stressful. Sometimes I feel like "going mental." Sometimes I feel  way to close to that.

Many people feel the everyday stresses, and some (God Bless Them) feel so much worse. I am hoping that this site becomes a forum for sharing. 

Mental illness seems to flourish around here. My own world encompasses people who are manic depressant, alcoholics, mentally retarded, have turrets syndrome, are slightly paranoid, and one or two who have been on the edge of schizophrenia...And you now what - looking around me, it seems pretty common. I'm sure if you look around, you will find a little mental illness in your world.

Just call me Max.