The Lord called me near today

To tell me I must go,

Back again through time and space

To the distant earth below.


It is Indian Summer...

The trees ablaze with hue.

The colors gold and muted,

The sky of azure blue.


White crosses glisten in the sun,

The stones all set with care.

A thousand souls beat as one.

The "Eternal Flame" rests there.


Suddenly I'm standing

In a field so vast and green.

I see airmen with their rifles.

A unseen...


An honor guard's before me

I wear the Airforce blue.

The flag unfurls before me,

I salute as others do.


I wonder who they honor,

With such respect and care.

And then my name is spoken,

And I know why I am there.


I hear the chaplain speaking

To the loved ones seated there.

I know it is for me they weep,

So much they all do care.


The one I love is near to me

Her tears stream sound

I wish that I could touch her,

And ease this grief I found.


I hear the shots all twenty-one

Sounds echoing everywhere.

The Bugler lifts his instrument,

"Taps" reverently fills the air.

They place the flag within her hand

And kneel to say a prayer.

And like the "Unknown Soldier,"

You can not see me there.


Like shadows we walk slowly

A blur of marbled gray.

A fountain rises before me,

I have been honored today.


I feel the touch of an angel's wing

As they gently take my hand.

I did not know I had such love,

But now I understand.


No longer pain, just peace and love

The world fades far below.

But in the stillness of the stars

So softly, I hear ......






"Goodbye Shadow

                         Goodbye My Love."

Copyright 2001 Joan Goodwin

All Rights Reserved