People express deep feelings for those loved and lost. Many feelings can be expressed through poetry or tributes. These works of the heart are here for you. Whether you have suffered a loss, and can see through these authors' eyes that you are not alone, or simply want to read and enjoy these poems and tributes - we welcome you.

These works are copyrighted by their respective owners, and are not allow to be reproduced in any way whatsoever, without prior written permission. These works are not to be copied and duplicated on any other website, personal or commercial. Please abide by our wishes. The only exception to the rule: you may print out ONE copy of a poem or tribune for your own personal use if you feel it inspires you or brings you peace or serenity.

Joan's Tribute to Ken
Her Beloved Brother

Joan's Tribute

Ken is also my father.
He is missed dearly.

Jim's Tribute to Chuck
Co-worker and friend
Jim's Tribute

Barry's Collection
These poems are written in tribute to Linda, his beloved wife,

who recently passed away.

The Bird


You Were the Earth

Poems Collection #1
Everyone You Touched, Pedestal, Without You, Wait for Me, Thank You

Poems Collection #2
The Glow, Nights with You, Light of my Life

Poems Collection #3
Apart, The Memory Box, Band of Gold

Poems Collection #4
Scattered Pieces, The Lonely Road, The Tear, 10,000 Dreams - 10,000 Tears